Having a computer problem?

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Redmarque’s philosophy is to help you understand and use technology.

Our clear comunication policy means that you can talk to us and let Redmarque deal with whatever technology issue you have; leaving you to focus on your direction.

Here at Redmarque we aim to make interfacing to technology as easy as possible.

From explanations of how systems can improve and optimise your workflow to working through specifics about a current issue.

Our knowledge and experience with system maintainance and management is extensive, we have over 15 years working knowledge with City financials, internet .com’s and retail services.

Andrew Saunders, Director of Redmarque Ltd, is a former IT Manager for 4 investment banks and has credentials for dealing with off the shelf and bespoke systems.

The core of our knowledge is based apon Microsoft Server technologies.

Redmarque is a Microsoft Solutions Provider.